Im that guy on an MMO who wont wear armour if it looks like shit I refuse I will wear a worse armour if it looks good and when all else fails i will wear nothing but pants and some gloves because I’d rather be killed than swagless

"Gavin: Ray what’s your sensitivity on?
Ray: 9
Gavin: Jeez, no wonder you can spin around like a lemon.
Geoff: How do lemons spin around?
Gavin: Have you ever spun a lemon on a table? It’s mental.
Ray: No I’m not an asshole. I treat lemons with respect."

— Let’s Play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2-Turned Mode (via speaksism)




if magic isn’t real then how do you explain


It hardens because the chocolate cools on the cold ice cream. Put a bottle in the fridge and wait. It’ll be a hunk of chocolate

no i’m pretty sure it’s magic it even says “magic” on the bottle and it’s got a snazzy turtle in a hat a magician would wear with a magic wand




*bully pushes you*

*you push bully back*

bully: wtf you piece of shit, that’s reverse bullying

everyone around you: yeah you cant fight hate with hate why can’t we all just be nice to each other

u know this literally happens right

in schools

for real

kids get suspended for being bullied because they fought back or were considered a distraction to the bully it’s not just a metaphor it’s literally reality